Pre Conference Master Classes: Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Master Class A

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Winning Over the Skeptics—Building the Business Case for a Successful Finance Transformation

Amanda Harsas, Head of Finance Transformation, Primary Health Care Limited
Critical to the success of a new finance transformation operation is a detailed business case to dimension the potential opportunity of consolidating/streamlining/simplifying often complex operations and a robust plan for managing the transformation. This workshop focuses on the essential activities to plan, launch and stabilize a new finance transformation operation; including critical success factors for your business case, top ten implementation challenges, and three keys to post launch success.
Topics for discussion include:
· The keys to a successful business case and typical business case results from across industries
· How to structure the implementation to achieve results on time and on budget
· Integrating technologies
· Preparing staff and establishing governance


Amanda Harsas

Head of Finance Transformation
Primary Health Care Limited

Master Class B

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Beyond Compliance—How a Robust Internal Governance Structure Facilitates Continuous Improvement

Shari Frew, Head of Finance Transformation, Griffith University
Modern enterprises understand all too well the difficulties of reconciling business priorities with the need for controls and risk-management, along three geographic dimensions: local, national/regional, and global. With its insight into the business, finance is one of the functions best positioned to implement mechanisms to guide decisions, interactions, and upward and downward communications of competing priorities; making it the logical choice to lead the development of an effective governance model.
Join this workshop for insights on:
· Metrics for determining the efficient use of resources and the quality of service delivery
· Developing controls that are comprehensive but don’t hinder the pace of business
· Identifying inconsistencies, overlaps, and gaps among control mechanism


Shari Frew

Head of Finance Transformation
Griffith University

Master Class C

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM How to Determine Which Metrics to Track and How to Utilize Data to Ensure Continued Process Improvement

John Gearing, General Manager Shared Services Finance, Queensland Urban Utilities
Evaluating obtained metrics are certainly valuable to all organisations. However, unless you have a clear idea of which metrics your FSSO departments should track and analyze, valuable data will go unused, equating to unnecessary waste in both labour costs and untapped resources. To ensure your FSSO is maximising its business intelligence, you must develop a metrics analytics end-to-end management plan.
Join this workshop for insights on:
l Discuss the most common metrics to measure and if they are indeed the proper metrics your FSSO should track, and if not, what metrics would be of most use to your organisation
l Examine metric analysis strategies that provide impactful data collection and improved service expectations and deliverables, such as scorecard, surveys, and more
l Explore innovative technologies to streamline data collections and analysis, such as dashboard reporting and data visualization

John Gearing

General Manager Shared Services Finance
Queensland Urban Utilities

Master Class D

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM How to Create the Next Layer of Value in Mature Finance Transformation Operations

Emma Dobson, Director Westpac & Member , Digital Business Council Emma Dobson, Director Westpac & Member , Digital Business Council
What’s next for maturing finance organizations? Still wrestling executive demand to add more value, numerous ERPs, differing models that have “evolved” internationally, limited focus on transactions? Stagnation can be your worst enemy. Attend this workshop to discuss the five guiding principles to move beyond stage 1 of transformation.
Topics for discussion include:
· A more holistic approach to servicing diverse regions and countries
· Expanding to non-traditional and higher value services
· Infusing innovation into your organization – is predictive analytics or robotic process automation in your future?
· Regaining focus on business responsiveness and relationships
· Creating end-to-end process models and structures

Emma Dobson

Director Westpac & Member
Digital Business Council

Emma Dobson

Director Westpac & Member
Digital Business Council