30 - 31 October, 2018 |
Speaker Information:

John Gearing

General Manager Shared Services Finance
Queensland Urban Utilities

2:00 PM How to Determine Which Metrics to Track and How to Utilize Data to Ensure Continued Process Improvement

Evaluating obtained metrics are certainly valuable to all organisations. However, unless you have a clear idea of which metrics your FSSO departments should track and analyze, valuable data will go unused, equating to unnecessary waste in both labour costs and untapped resources. To ensure your FSSO is maximising its business intelligence, you must develop a metrics analytics end-to-end management plan.
Join this workshop for insights on:
 l Discuss the most common metrics to measure and if they are indeed the proper metrics your FSSO should track, and if not, what metrics would be of most use to your organisation
l Examine metric analysis strategies that provide impactful data collection and improved service expectations and deliverables, such as scorecard, surveys, and more
l Explore innovative technologies to streamline data collections and analysis, such as dashboard reporting and data visualization

4:00 PM Expert Panel Discussion: How to Use Finance as Decision Support – Business Intelligence in Action

The increasing abundance of data, computing in combination with user friendly tools for analysis are making data driven decisions the norm in most industries. In this session, Leo will discuss how Telstra has developed excellence in big data and business intelligence and how the finance function is maximising the benefit they provide the rest of the organisation.
· Developing the capability for business intelligence
· Discussing digital disruption implications and opportunities for the finance function
· Implementing powerful self-service business intelligence solutions
· Leveraging new data technologies
· Lessons learned and the way forward

4:20 PM Solutions Clinic “ Audience Asks”

The Audience will ask Finance Leaders on The Technology Ecosystem (No one tool fits all) We are increasingly seeing technology topple the status quo within finance. Manual, time consuming tasks have been invigorated by this digital disruption and the opportunities are substantial. Silos are being broken down, mundane and repetitive tasks are being automated, FTE’s are being lowered considerably whilst efficiency and accuracy has never been higher. Take a holistic overview of the technology web and raise your understanding of the need to know tools within this growing technology ecosystem.
Our expert panel will be represented by a CFO, Controller & Head of Finance Shared Services and will be open to fielding all your burning finance questions.
Facilitator: Conference Chair 

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