30 - 31 October, 2018 |
Speaker Information:

Shari Frew

Head of Finance Transformation
Griffith University

11:30 AM Beyond Compliance—How a Robust Internal Governance Structure Facilitates Continuous Improvement

Modern enterprises understand all too well the difficulties of reconciling business priorities with the need for controls and risk-management, along three geographic dimensions: local, national/regional, and global. With its insight into the business, finance is one of the functions best positioned to implement mechanisms to guide decisions, interactions, and upward and downward communications of competing priorities; making it the logical choice to lead the development of an effective governance model.
Join this workshop for insights on:
· Metrics for determining the efficient use of resources and the quality of service delivery
· Developing controls that are comprehensive but don’t hinder the pace of business
· Identifying inconsistencies, overlaps, and gaps among control mechanism

2:20 PM Open Panel Discussion: How to Foster a Culture of Engagement and Effectively Embed Change Management Within Your Finance Team

With up to 70% of organisational transformational journeys failing, it’s no wonder that CFO’s and Finance Controllers struggle with successfully embedding change management into their finance teams. This open discussion session will craft the necessary practical tips you need to lead change in your current finance structure. This session will also delve into the best strategies for keeping your teams engaged by creating urgency, vision and values, strategy and communication flows within model.
· Measuring success within the organisation to keep teams motivated and engaged
· Aligning performance management processes to drive desired behaviour changes
· Examining inconsistencies in your change management journey and structuring methods to alleviate them
· Creating small wins and visualising the journey to keep a culture of engagement thriving in your organisation

4:00 PM Expert Panel Discussion: How to Use Finance as Decision Support – Business Intelligence in Action

The increasing abundance of data, computing in combination with user friendly tools for analysis are making data driven decisions the norm in most industries. In this session, Leo will discuss how Telstra has developed excellence in big data and business intelligence and how the finance function is maximising the benefit they provide the rest of the organisation.
· Developing the capability for business intelligence
· Discussing digital disruption implications and opportunities for the finance function
· Implementing powerful self-service business intelligence solutions
· Leveraging new data technologies
· Lessons learned and the way forward

4:20 PM Solutions Clinic “ Audience Asks”

The Audience will ask Finance Leaders on The Technology Ecosystem (No one tool fits all) We are increasingly seeing technology topple the status quo within finance. Manual, time consuming tasks have been invigorated by this digital disruption and the opportunities are substantial. Silos are being broken down, mundane and repetitive tasks are being automated, FTE’s are being lowered considerably whilst efficiency and accuracy has never been higher. Take a holistic overview of the technology web and raise your understanding of the need to know tools within this growing technology ecosystem.
Our expert panel will be represented by a CFO, Controller & Head of Finance Shared Services and will be open to fielding all your burning finance questions.
Facilitator: Conference Chair 

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